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COMPLETED: 2B (2009)

Indie Feature Film / Sci Fi thriller:    2B “The Era of Flesh is Over”

Hot new feature film about Trans-humanism, mind uploading and the

merging of human consciousness with artificial intelligence, starring

James Remar, Kevin Corrigan and Jane Kim.

World premiere will be Friday, October 2nd (7:30pm) at the 2009

Woodstock Film Festival which is held in Woodstock, New York



“Two Stars for Peace” (narrative feature)

A story about an innovative plan for peace in the Middle East.


“The Science and Philosophy behind the Terasem Hypothesis” ( short documentary)

A short that explores both the culture and emerging technologies behind the uploading and downloading of human consciousness via cyber technology and the future potential of creating digital clones that can be downloaded in to virtual worlds or robotic environments.